A bone graft is an option for building up bone that may not be able to support dental implants. There are multiple treatment options available. The best option for each patient is chosen to maximize the grafting result and minimize the extent of surgery in order to build a suitable base for implants. These include natural and synthetic means, or at times a combination is used.

The good news is, even if the jawbone associated with missing teeth has atrophied or has been reabsorbed, a solid foundation for securing the implant can be created using modern bone grafting techniques.

Tri-County’s Board Certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons have surgical expertise and experience to diagnose and treat patients requiring major and minor bone grafting. Our specialized equipment and facilities are able to comfortably handle your bone grafting procedure.

Our health care professionals are prepared to assist you in alleviating your anxiety and increasing your comfort during your procedure. Our staff knows you’re a key member of your grafting treatment plan and will treat you with respect and concern.

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