Early recognition and diagnosis of lesions helps in the prevention of oral cancer. Oral lesions are lumps, bumps, ulcers or sores inside the mouth or the tongue. Infections, inflammations, and cancer may cause oral lesions.

Warning signs include redness, swelling, bleeding, white or red patches, and swollen lymph nodes in the neck.

Treatment for oral lesions depends on the cause. It’s important to seek medical attention early. A biopsy will be done to determine what types of cells are present, and a treatment plan will be made. It’s important to recognize that even if the diagnosis is benign, the lesion needs to be carefully monitored as changes may occur over time.

If the lesion is malignant, our knowledgeable, Board Certified Tri-County surgeons have the experience and training to surgically remove it and provide you with excellent long-term patient care. Tri-County Oral-Facial Surgeons, P.C., is affiliated with Mount Nittany Medical Center.

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